Makes me look like a Snowman

Take one beautiful white linen top and spend the weekend splashing it around in buckets of dye.

Sea Glass Scarf

Sea glass was the inspiration behind this beautiful scarf and sea glass was even used in to create it.

And we’re back on the air

If you visited recently and found the blog in maintenance mode, it’s because I’ve had a bit of a revamp and update.

The Crochet Months

Crocheted shawls and wraps and hand dyed silk scarves featured at the Harbour Cottage Gallery

Mandala Madness update (Aug 2017)

The Mandala Madness blanket is getting bigger.

Felted Hydrangea

My first adventure in wet felting.

A happy hooker – my crochet obsession

There will definitely be crochet showing up on this blog as I’ve become just a little obsessed by it. From cat baskets to complex mandala blankets, it’s my favourite way to relax.

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