I’m dyeing to make you look good

I hand dye yarn for knitters and crocheters who love pure natural fibres and shibori dyed silk scarves for people who love a touch of luxury

delightfully squishy

Delicious colourful yarn that is a joy to feel running through your fingers.

I focus on natural fibres such as wool, alpaca, silk and bamboo and feature specific wool breeds for their individual properties.

skin soft silk

A silk scarf adds effortless style to any outfit and feels divine against your skin.

I use shibori techniques of folding, clamping and pleating with multiple layers of dyeing to create beautiful silk scarves.

a warm yarny hug

Crochet made by hand, one loving stitch at a time. 

I have a real passion for crochet and love to create as much as the clever people who knit with my yarn.  Wanna see what I made? 

What's your next project?


If you are looking for some unique, colourful and delightfully squishy yarn for your next knitting or crochet project, why not see what I have in my Etsy shop.

All listed yarn is in stock, ready to ship, with free UK delivery.



Stand proud and show off what you have made with your own fair hands.  I can help you learn a new skill or take it to the next level.  You could soon be amazing your friends and family with gorgeousness you have dyed or crocheted yourself!

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