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In no particular order, these are some of the things I will be blogging about.  Click on the title or picture to see all posts in that particular category.

Art Journaling

My journals allow me to explore and experiment and tap into my own inner wisdom. Sometimes they let me rant and whine in a safe container, other times a happy accident of colour or composition can lead to my next painting. They are not always for sharing, though students of my art journal classes are welcome to look through them in person.


A time honoured, traditional craft which I had the pleasure of studying, apprentice-style, with a retired Master Binder many years ago. I have two beautiful vintage book presses and love to keep my hand in by producing limited edition hand bound books, often with my abstract paintings as covers.

Crochet & Textiles

I love the tactile nature of crochet and can’t resist a beautiful yarn. This eventually led me to take up spinning so I can now produce my own hand dyed and hand spun yarn.

Mixed Media

Mixed media is one of my favourite subjects to teach because I just love to witness the creativity that people express when you take away the fear of drawing or ‘doing it right’. There are no rules in mixed media, no mistakes, just beautiful layers of colour and texture.


I have had a long term fascination with mandalas and this year I am participating in a year long online course to explore both the creation and meaning of mandalas.


Trillian (the tri-coloured calico cat) and Purdy (Queen of the Night, aka Hellbunny) deserve their own category.  I’m still waiting for their videos to go viral and get us a lucrative advertising deal, but sadly they’re not quite that interesting … yet.

Rubber Stamping

I spent fifteen years at the heart of the UK craft industry and you may have come across me in the past as the person behind Chocolate Baroque, Elusive Images Rubber Stamps and Graphicus. I now design stamps as a freelance artist and still enjoy digging out the inkpads from time to time.

Fine Art

You can keep up to date with my fine art on my gallery website (, but the category is here so I can cross-reference when I have new paintings to show.




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