One of the things I spend some of my time on these days is custom dyeing.  I just love working with colour, so when I get a request for rabbit coloured yarn or a rainbow that is not too bright, but not too pastel, I gladly accept the challenge.  It’s not just yarn either, I dye fibre for spinning or felting, silk scarves and I’ve also overdyed garments that needed a fresh pop of colour. 

So if you’re interested in having something dyed just for you, why don’t you drop me a line and tell me what you’re looking for.  Please make sure you put your email address in correctly so I can get back to you.

Maybe you want a larger quantity of a yarn you’ve seen in the shop.   We can have a chat about colours and I’ll make myself notes on what you like about the original yarn and what colours you want.  Then I will get going and mix up the colours and create a unique colourway just for you.

There’s no extra charge for custom dyeing, you just pay the normal price for the yarn that you choose.

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