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I’m Glenda Waterworth

artist,  colour designer, crochet fan and owner of Quirky Paintbrush

I’m on a mission to make your world a more colourful place

zingy colours

for people who want to be original

I know a fair bit about colour

I have been working with colour professionally for over 20 years, I have written colour theory guides and helped countless students to understand and trust their own colour judgement.

Now I am putting all that experience into the dyeing process, bringing you yarn in colours that fire up your imagination and make you want to dive straight into your next project.

natural fibres

for people who respect the environment

Let's reduce plastic waste

We all want to do our bit to reduce plastics, so I made a conscious choice to avoid yarn with manmade fibres – no nylon or polyester in my mixes.  Why would you when there are so many other fibres to choose from, each with their own beautiful properties. 

I love silk, bamboo, cotton, linen, cashmere, alpaca and of course various different types of wool, such as merino (from non-mulsed flocks), blue faced leicester, polwarth and no doubt others as I discover them. 

silk scarves

for people with a sense of style

Exploring the old and new

Don’t you just love the effortless chic of a whisper soft (yet surprisingly warm) silk scarf tied casually around your neck?

I have been studying traditional shibori methods of tyeing, pleating, clamping and stitching fabrics, as well as modern methods of eco-printing and natural dyeing, to bring you a varied and interesting collection of scarves for yourself or to gift to your friends and family.

What's your next project?


If you are looking for some unique, colourful and delightfully squishy yarn for your next knitting or crochet project, why not see what I have in my Etsy shop.

All listed yarn is in stock, ready to ship, with free UK delivery.


Why Quirky Paintbrush?

The name came about because I am an artist who loves to crochet, spin yarn and dye, and one day while reaching for a paintbrush, I picked up a crochet hook by mistake. In full flow, I used it to make some marks on my painting and the idea of the Quirky Paintbrush was born.

Quirky fact: I love making up colour names

I love making up names for my yarns.  I enjoy it almost as much as the dyeing.  Sometimes I have the name first and a clear idea of the colour it will be.  Other times, the colours come out differently to what you expect and its name is right there in the colour.

Can you get the Booker prize for writing colour names?

Just a wee email to thank you for yesterday. l am thrilled to bits with the gorgeous yarn! What beautiful colours! I am quite in awe.


Love Glenda’s sense of colour. Yarns look amazing.


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