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I am genuinely sorry to be making this announcement, but I’ve made a decision not to carry on with Quirky Paintbrush yarn dyeing. Covid has placed us in a tricky situation this year and like many self employed partnerships, we’ve had to take a long hard look at how we move on and stay away from the unemployment queue and right now, yarn dyeing is not the best place to put my time and energy. I’ve quietly agonised over this, especially as I was accepted into two prestigious yarn shows this year and looked forward to connecting with new customers and networking with others in the industry.  However, now the decision is made, it feels right.  I know what it takes to build up a successful business and this one really would need more investment in equipment and more time than I am able to dedicate to it. I shall keep on dyeing for myself and may do some custom dyeing work for some of my existing customers.   I will keep this website going and in time it will morph into more of a personal blog again, where I can continue to share my love of yarn, crochet, dyeing, spinning and other textile treats. And when restrictions are lifted, I will continue to offer my dyeing workshops so I can pass on the skills that I have learned.

Meanwhile, I shall carry on developing my crochet and new-found knitting skills.

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