The magic of mandalas

I have always loved mandala designs, I find something incredibly satisfying about looking at them and creating them.  Many years ago, our business had a whole range of mandala rubber stamps and I was so busy back then that I commissioned other designers when really, what I wanted was to get into the zone and immerse myself in creating them myself.

My friend Beth makes exquisite crocheted jewellery, and one piece of hers that I wear quite a lot (it seems to go with most of my wardrobe) is this one, a rainbow mandala.

Through Beth, I found out about an online class called Mandala Magic run by artist Julie Gibbons and after taking a free five day class last December, I signed up for her year long program which started in January.  Well life got in the way a bit in February, so I’m just taking it at my own pace (which is the beauty of online classes) and catching up when I can.

I thought I’d share some of the mandalas that I created last year.  They’re all around eight inches in diameter.

Flower of Life Mandala

Hamsa Mandala

Lotus Flower Mandala

I designed a series of mandala duo stamps for Chocolate Baroque recently which come as a sentiment and mini mandala pair.  They are clear stamps so you can position them accurately.

There’s still one of my old mandala designs that is still in production at Chocolate Baroque too.  It’s called the Waterlilly Mandala and I have to show you some of the amazing cards created by Miranda who used to be on the Chocolate Baroque Design Team.  Aren’t these just stunning?

I see mandalas cropping up all the time in colouring books, and quite a lot of you have taken up my free email sign up mandala download, so I’m guessing they’re still pretty popular.  What do you think, do you love them or are they a bit ‘meh’ for you?


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  1. Dee

    I love Mandalas too! And you have so inspired me with your beautiful work Glenda! I’m very new to this art form as you know, and also of mixed media, but you helped and inspired me tremendously at our Mandala Monday day that I’ve started experimenting more in my free time. Great work as always and I love the blog too! Xxx

  2. it’s me again….completely forgot to mention that I love mandala’s too and the design of the necklace made by Beth is so lovely! Your drawings and coloring are beautiful too! Specially the Hamsa………I have reached a ‘ Mandala’ workshop with a stamp as a starting point and than the participants could choose if they wanted to draw or to use stamps or stencils again to complete the circle……it was such a great way to teach….starting with a visualization and some music……….totally different than my ‘ regular’ workshops….bringing people to their own creative source……now of to sleep…..xx

    1. That sounds like a really great way to start a workshop, the retreat I did with Flora Bowley was a bit like that – we dropped pebbles in a bowl of water to signify letting go of something that was holding us back. x

  3. Hi Glenda, thanks so much for mentioning me….and this blog is new tome…so I will definitely sign up now not to miss anything of your lovely artwork and posts! hope you are doing well and Adrian too? I was secretly hoping you would come too to the Netherlands when Lesley is coming……….a person can hope is it not? Anyway, lots of warm greetings from me xx

    1. I will get back to the Netherlands at some point Miranda, Adrian and I really loved Amsterdam and I’d love to see more of the country as well as meet up with you again of course. What a fab playday we could have! xx

  4. Love mandalas, Glenda. Yours are gorgeous! I think it’s the circular design that appeals to me, makes me think of flowers. And of course the endless possibilities for colouring in! Thanks for the free download – lovely! x

  5. Carol

    I like Mandalas…… I have some rubber stamps from many years ago – always looked nice on a card whether they were painted, coloured or glittered and good to use for Men’s cards too 🙂 C xx

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