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A couple of years ago, after selling our stamping business, Chocolate Baroque, I had a major clear out and sold off  a lot of my stamps and craft products.  I only kept hold of the things I really loved, or the things I knew I would use in workshops.

Nearly two years later and I realise that these stamps are just languishing, neglected and unused at the back of a shelf and it’s time to find them a loving new home.   So I’m listing a few items here from time to time as I clear things out.

Tangled Garden
Sunny Sunflowers
 Damask Squares
 Dusky Damask

 Lace Fragments
Texture Fragments
Eccentric Edwardian
Gothic Fragments
Nature Fragments
Abstract Fragments
Seasonal Fragments
Tangled Fragments
Harlequin Fragments
Rustic Fragments

A Year of Stamping(AYOS)

In 2015, we launched a new collection of highly detailed stamps, originally with the idea of calling it a calendar club as the stamps lent themselves brilliantly to creating a full 12 month calendar.  Eventually we named it ‘A Year of Stamping’ and produced a monthly magazine full of inspiration for each stamp.  I’m not able to provide you with the magazine, but I do have a full set of all 12 stamps in two sizes.

The large stamps each measure approximately 14cm square; the small versions are approximately 8.5cm square each.













AYOS Large
(full price £179.88)

AYOS Small
(full price £119.88)

One of the big problems for me as an artist is copyright.  Chocolate Baroque has an angel policy that allows anyone to sell hand stamped items made with their stamps, but that’s not what I’m doing these days.  I don’t own the copyright to any of these stamp designs and if I use them to create artwork for sale, I run into problems if I want to mass produce that artwork as prints, greetings cards or other commercial products.

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