New horizons, new adventures

Well, it’s all change here, or it will be in a few weeks time.  We’re on the move to a new house, a new village and a new venture!


We realised quite a while ago that our house in Portpatrick is a bit too big for us.  We didn’t come here with the intention of running a B&B, but we ended up doing it as a way of earning some money while we built up our creative businesses.  However, it has turned out that running a B&B, even with just two rooms,  doesn’t leave enough time and energy to do the creative stuff alongside it.  So we have spent a year or so pondering and dreaming, visualising and brainstorming and trying to work out what shape we really want our future to take.

It starts with a serious bit of downsizing as our new home is much, much smaller.  I’ve gradually been clearing clutter, selling unwanted furniture and passing on unused craft stash and sorting through books. I’ve also been streamlining our websites because our new house is not in Portpatrick, so we won’t be trading as Portpatrick Studios for much longer.  If you go to, you will see that it is now a gateway to our other websites and social media pages.  My fine art is now for sale at

We are still going to be in the Rhins of Galloway and we will still have a beautiful sea view.  I shall tell you more about the new house and the grand vision for our future at a later stage.  For now, we have a few B&B bookings left in the calendar, followed by, what will probably be quite a manic few weeks of packing!   We have a provisional moving date of late October, so I think that might be a good excuse for a Bonfire Night housewarming party!

There’s a lot of B&B stuff (crockery, table linen, furniture, bedding, etc) that we won’t be needing at the new house, so we are having a one day Open House sale on Sunday 8th October – details will be on Facebook and on nearer the time.  I’ll also be running a sale in a couple of week’s time on my paintings, prints and cards – simply to try and clear some stock prior to the move.  If you’re not already on the mailing list, you’ll find the ‘Subscribe to my newsletter’ link in the footer below and I’ll make sure you have all the details when we’re ready to go.

House move number 40 coming up – wish us luck!!




  1. E Coral Smith

    Good luck with the move Glenda – I’m also moving in January, just down the road and into a caravan for 3 or so years whilst my son builds a house that I can live in – kind boy that he is! It’s, I think, only my 23rd move, so I’m a long way behind you.
    I’m trying to get stock ready for Christmas markets, clear out un-needed craft materials (not unwanted you understand!), try and work out what I can get rid of and what I have space to keep – fun, isn’t it!
    I’ll be thinking of you both in your endeavours, I’m sure all will go well, and look forward to hearing about the next phase. Very cathartic all this moving at times – well it will be when we’re both settled in to our new abodes!
    Coral xx

    1. A custom built house sounds amazing – hope it’s worth three years in a caravan! Best of luck getting everything sorted out, I’m deep in the throes of it right now. We might be taking a weekend break in Arran in November to recover – I’ll give you a shout if we make it. x

  2. Gill Edmonds

    Having moved house once in my married lifetime, I could never imagine moving 40 times. Once was enough, however very best wishes for your move and new adventures, hope all goes well.

  3. Life is full of changes and directions and reading your story I can only say; Good Luck in your new home ! I am sure you will be happy there……the view is beautiful and decluttering is always good (I should do that too and move to another place of my own, but I am stuck in this situation……) Wishing you all the best for the coming period and can’t wait to see the new house and environment, xxx Miranda

  4. Carol

    I really hope everything goes a smoothly as possible for both of you and your kitties. House move no 40 – that’s crazy! I moved house once with my parents then 40 years ago moved into this house! Good luck with everything Glenda and Adrian! xxx

    1. Thanks Carol, most of those moves happened in my twenties – lots of moves during Uni years and job changes took me to Stockport, Manchester, London, Frankfurt, Newcastle, Burnley, Sunderland, Gateshead, Consett, Barnard Castle – the list goes on! Really hoping this will be the last until the day we can afford to retire to a suite in a luxury hotel …

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