Mandala Madness update (Aug 2017)

In January this year I began a big crochet blanket called Mandala Madness, designed by Helen Shrimpton.   I showed you these pictures when I started it.

Well it’s grown a bit! (Click on the image to scroll through the larger versions.)

As it grows, each round takes longer and longer to do, so it’s a slow, long term project.  It’s actually a great winter project as it keeps you warm while you work – too warm to tackle in the hot weather!  I expect there will be some cosy winter evenings working on this.  Every so often I’ll post a quick update as I know a few people were interested in seeing it coming together.

At the time of writing, there were over 2000 Mandala Madness projects on Ravelry, so if you’ve tackled this project, I’d love to see it – leave me a link in the comments!


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